Monday, August 20, 2012

Creating custom Joomla Access Level

Someone need allow to display individual items to a new customer authorization profiles not standard, the goal is to allow different customer to get access to a selected content exclusive for each customer, like have a friend at [1d34m0d4#@.


1.- create 2 joomla "Acces level"
   - custo 1, custo 2, custo 3
   - each acces level have flaged: "manager", "author", "custo x"
      (where x is the item selected)
2.- define "access groups"
  - create 3 new groups with parent item "registed"
  - "G.custo 1", "G.custo 2" and "G.custo 3"
3.- create 3 users
  - "Custo 1" with group "G.custo1"
  - "Custo 2" with group "G.custo2"
  - "Custo 3" with group "G.custo3"

just done, now to enable content to a especifi ""custo" you have to
select level acces "G.custo1" to selected item/s.

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