Friday, May 1, 2015

Update joomla metada keywords from MySQL 'update' query


You are too lazy to update keywords from article manager in the backend, and need a quick option to do that without installing any random plugin that do that for you (I found that plugins don't works as you except).


Go to MySQL administrator page and open your SQL windows to write a new SQL query to update your keywords, the joomla table / field where are stored meta about SEO keywords is _content , and the fieldname is "metakey".
Now with that you only need to run that sample SQL query to update SEO keywords.

SQL Query:
UPDATE *_content SET metakey = 'keyword1,'keyword2,'keyword3,'keyword4,'keyword5'
*Take careful that this query will update all your articles, if you would like to make some filter remember to use SQL conditions like WHERE id=x...


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