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Friday, May 10, 2013

Prestashop - website redirect to another domain

When you acces to your store you show how the web page is redirect to another domain, that is due because maybe you have migrate the website from one server to another.

Access your database.Most database is on phpmyadmin.
Go to table named ps_shop_url and edit the entries for domain, domian_ssl and physical_uri accordingly.
Let's say your domain name is
Fill in the the box with your domain name and a forward slash according as shown below. Replace the domain name to yours

   Domain :
   Physical_uri:    /

Prestashop - Directory Permissinons

you wanna to know the correct permissions for critical directoris on prestashop directory estructure:

just acces trough ftp clinet and change to 777 with recursive that directories and thir files:

          config folder

          cache folder
          img folder and subfolders
          mails folder and subfolders
          modules folder and subfolders
          themes folder and themes/lang folder