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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Update K2 to send mail notifications on new comments


Really it's not a problem, is a new requirement to allow Joomla K2 component to send notifications when a new comment has been published on frontpage; i still don't understand how that functionality has not been implementd on standar release of K2.


we need to edit the code that allow to save new comments, you can find that on components/com_k2/models/item.php once.

1.- edit item.php and search for function comment()


3.- before that line add the next code:

$mainframe = &JFactory::getApplication(); $mail = &JFactory::getMailer(); $senderEmail = $mainframe->getCfg('mailfrom'); $senderName = $mainframe->getCfg('fromname'); $mail->setSender(array($senderEmail, $senderName)); $mail->setSubject(JText::_('K2_COMMENT_REPORT')); $mail->IsHTML(true); $body = " <strong>".JText::_('K2_NAME')."</strong>: ".$name." <br/> <strong>".JText::_('K2_REPORT_REASON')."</strong>: ".$reportReason." <br/> <strong>".JText::_('K2_COMMENT')."</strong>: ".nl2br($row->commentText)." <br/> "; $mail->setBody($body); $mail->ClearAddresses(); $mail->AddAddress($params->get('commentsReportRecipient', $mainframe->getCfg('mailfrom'))); $mail->Send();